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DOF comparisons for Canon Portrait lenses (+1 Sigma)

Today we will have a short comparison between Canon portrait lenses on a full frame camera.

What I want to find out is the DOF (depth of fields) at wide open aperture of a lens for a full body and portraiture pictures.

For a full body person, I measure the average of 6ft height and an extra 2ft of space from top to bottom, so the total is 8ft height.

For portraiture, I give a measurement of 2.4ft from top to bottom.

The camera distance calculations is to make sure that the picture composition of each shot is the same and will leave us with a DOF comparison only.

And these are just numbers, no pictures to analyze bokeh, so here they go:

DOF calculator:

As you can see, to shoot 85mm f/1.2L wide open will have a very small DOF even for a full body shot. As for 70-200 f/4L IS will have a sufficient DOF for both.

Thanks for your time!

Leave a question/comment below 😊


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