Jeff and Liana are husband and wife team that have so much passion for photography, especially wedding photography. We decided to jump into the wedding photography field because of the experience that we have ourselves. Simply put our wedding pictures are not even worth mentioning.


From that experience grows a dissatisfaction and concern towards wedding photography in general. In this day and age, everyone seems to be able to take pictures given a good enough camera and sets of lenses. It grows in us a desire to bless other people with our given talents and resources. So we equip ourselves with resources and tools and technology to be able to deliver pictures that will capture the memories of your precious wedding day. We learned from numerous workshops and continue learning even now in order to be able to create a lasting memory for you and your loved ones.


We will always try and thrive to give the best of our abilities. Simply put we don’t want our experiences on our wedding day to be repeated. Our goal and desire are that we would like to give you a great experience on your wedding day and great pictures of that day to cherish in the latter days. So when you look back on that particular day of your life you will still remember that day like it happened yesterday.


We would like to be of service to you as your photographer.


Thank you for visiting our website and have wonderfully blessed days ahead !!




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